Adult & Family Education

High School Equivalency Program

For the millions of Americans who have not finished high school, the HSE diploma serves as a bridge to education and employment opportunities that were previously closed to them. An HSE diploma is accepted by 97% of colleges and universities as proof that they have completed their high school education. Some colleges even have special scholarship programs available for HSE graduates. In addition, the HSE diploma is accepted by employers just like a high school diploma in regard to hiring, salary and opportunity for advancement. As such, HSE recipients are more likely to get a better job and earn significantly more money than high school dropouts who do not return to school. Read more>>

Health and Wellness

We have the following programs available to exercise your body:

  • Walkercise
  • WOW (Women on Weights)
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga

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Lifelong Learning & Social Connection

We offer many different ways to stay mentally and socially aware. Our Bible Study group, history lectures, community and educational seminars, and book club keep your mental acuity in tune.

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